Do I need to be there during the inspection?
No it is not required for the client to be present, although it is recommended. This is a great chance to learn more about your new home and ask questions about the condition of the home and how to maintain it. Possibly arrive near the end of the inspection for a walk through.
What does a home inspection include?

A home inspection will include an examination of the roof and attic, foundation and basement, heating and water systems, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as the general condition of the structure itself. An inspector will look for poor construction and make note of any repairs that might be required or any general maintenance issues. Importantly, they will also make note of any safety issues that need to be addressed.

Components included:

  • Roof
  • Structure
  • Exterior
  • Electrical system
  • Heating and Air Conditioning system
  • Plumbing system
  • Insulation and Vapor Barriers
  • Interior
  • Mechanical and Natural Ventilation systems

What’s excluded:

  • Cosmetics
  • Code, bylaw and building regulation issues
  • Outbuildings
  • Swimming pools and spas

Specialty systems including telephone, cable TV, alarm systems

Does a new home need an inspection?

Yes, just because a home is new does not mean you should assume that everything is perfect. Deficiencies can be caught during the warranty period. This also includes having an inspection done prior to your one year anniversary.

What is a home Inspection?

A home inspection is an unbiased, in-depth, visual examination and evaluation of the accessible structure (inside and out) and all major systems of the house. It also identifies structural problems or other defects and notes any repairs that may be needed. It is often, but not always connected to a real-estate transaction.

Do home inspectors fail an inspection?

No.  A professional home inspection is done in an unbiased practice. The home inspection report describes a house’s physical shape and identifies what might need crucial repair or replacement. It does, however, open the door for renegotiation. You’re not obligated to fix anything, but the buyer can also walk away if they’re not satisfied.

How long does a home inspection take?

An average sized, straightforward home takes 2 to 2 ½ hours. Older, larger and more complex homes take longer.

The report writing process is typically about the same length of time as the inspection. Reports are sent to within 24 hours of the inspection.



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